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AccessLaw was acquired by CEB in February 2012. To streamline access, AccessLaw's online store and Online Service/Daily Opinions have been integrated into You should create a new short-cut to and add it to your list of Favorites.
AccessLaw Online Service
Online access to California 2d, 3d, and 4th Series Cases, Daily Opinion Service, U.S. Supreme Court Opinions, California Codes and more. Quickly search and find cases on point. Give it a try with our 7-day free trial!

CalDisc™ DVD
2d, 3d, and 4th Series Cases, slip opinions, all 29 California Codes, California Constitution, California Rules of Court, and legislation from the most recent legislative session all on DVD searched in seconds.

California Judicial Council Forms
Forms: Over 1150 forms you can fill out, edit and save using Adobe Reader. Download available after purchase.
Free Forms: Over 1150 legal forms you can use Adobe Reader to fill out and print.

California Lawyer AccessLaw Comparison

Law firms big and small across the country are beginning to reel from the astronomical costs of online legal research services. AccessLaw comes to the rescue with cost effective flat-rate online services and discs. Internet-only access to California Cases and Codes is just $39 per month. With our service there has never been a better time to do legal research on the Internet.

Users say that our quarterly DVD and Daily Opinion service delivers the most current and complete research package available anywhere for such a low price.

CalDisc is one of California's first legal research discs. Prior to the release of CalDisc, AccessLaw published California codes on diskette. When all is said and done, AccessLaw products have been used by lawyers in California since 1992!

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